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It is my pleasure to introduce to you Holy Saviour School (HSS) established in 2006, HSS has gained recognition as one of the finest didactic training center throughout the world. Certified under the Ministry of Education as an approved Secondary School.

The teachers at HSS are carefully screened to ensure a staff of fully certified, experienced professionals. They are constantly evaluated in an on-going effort to maintain high levels of teaching effectiveness, with proper attention to the students’ individual hearing and motivational needs. READ MORE


As learning starts from the cradle, so the school has set structures in place where every serious-minded parent will have his/her child (ren) fit in. The following are the subjects offered i READ MORE


The primary school section operates the new class structure nomenclature, i.e. basic 1 – 6, having in place (practically and theoretically) the Nigeria – British curriculum as a basis for teaching. READ MORE


God’s grace has been sufficient for us in preparing our students for Junior Secondary School Examination both BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) and NECO (National Education Council) READ MORE


Admission to Holy Savior Schools 2016/2017 is ongoing.

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This ‘U’ shape represents the HEART,… where all human thoughts take place,… including education. The BOOK simply signifies the heart tablet where thoughts from the heart are documented. The PENCIL signifies an aid used in putting down the thoughts emanated from the heart right in the heart tablets. The PRAYING HANDS signify prayer is key in accomplishing desired visions.
Ours is to “Raise Super Stars fashioned with sound and profitable knowledge, hard work, excellence, patriotism, self-reliance and living ready for the service of God and benefits of humanity”.
To establish and operate a privately owned model schools for boys and girls, where they will be soundly and comprehensively educated giving them the best moral values and sound knowledge to become “super stars” in the chosen professions for the benefits of mankind and service to God.
HSS have deemed it necessary to offer qualitative and unparalleled education among her contemporaries in this recent century through a structured admission policy. The schools welcome application from pupils/ students regardless of race, religion, colour, national or ethnic, origin or sex etc.